Revista Română de Studii Eurasiatice, Anul XIII, Nr. 1-2/2017


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•  Mikhail Berman-Tsikinovsky, Ovid 2017: The Verdict


•  Laura Sînziana Cuciuc Romanescu, Mythical Creatures in Ovid's Metamorphoses


  Marius-Florin Lascu, The image of the Scythia province in the second half of the sixth century. Historical analysis


  Corneliu-Dragoş Bălan, Doctrinal Considerations Concerning the Christian Icon


Jan Hladík, The Sugar Industry and Sugar Beet Cultivation in Pre-Munich Czechoslovakia from the Vantage Point of Social Policy


  Daniel Flaut, Some statistical data on the urban population of Tulcea County in the 1930s


•  Enache Tuşa, The monography of the village of Ezibei the first research according to the Gustian model in Dobruja


•  Klára Fabianková, The German agricultural reform of 1942 on the territory of the Reichskommissariat Ukraine and its significance


  Dan Vătăman, The consequences of signing and entering into force of the Paris Peace Treaty between Romania and the Allied and Associated Powers


  Maria Bolocan, Integration of the Marshall Plan in Western Europe


•  Alina Lascu, Aspects of the agricultural crop production in Dobruja between 1965-1989


•  Alexandru Ionuț Drăgulin, The European Union’s democratic paradigm in the post-communist countries of Eastern Europe


•  Andreea Lăpădat, The Black Sea, Bridge or Border


•  Laurenţiu Dobre, Underwater archaeology in Romania. Anchors discovered in the Black Sea between 1989 and 2017 (Constanța County, Casino area, between The Touristic Harbor of Tomis and The Commercial Harbor of Constanța)


•  Ilie Iulian Mitran, Magas, a New Capital City. Nazran an older legacy. Analyzing the functional and symbolic elements of Ingushetia’s mew power hub


 East and Western Asia 


  Mihai Avram, A brief historical overview of Chinese diplomatic ties to Africa


•  Ionuț Holubeanu, The Ecclesiastical Organization in Armenia Interior in the 5th Century AD