Revista Română de Studii Eurasiatice, Anul XII, Nr. 1-2/2016




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Laura Sînziana Cuciuc Romanescu, The Knight Gods and the Symbol of the Horse in Greek - Roman Civilization


•  Marius-Florin Lascu, Scythia Minor and consequences of the breakup of the Danubian limes


•  Corneliu-Dragoş Bălan, “Repentance of the heart, pure and true”, a fundamental teaching in Anthim the Iberian’s work


Enache Tuşa, Ethnicity and nation in Dobrudja -An anthropological –sociologic analysis-


Ionela Otea, Titulescu and the French politics in the lower Danube region during the first decade of the interwar period  - Some aspects


Daniel Flaut, Some Statistical Data on the Rural Population of Oltenia in the 1930s


Sabin Drăgulin, Il rapporto Croce-Gramsci: il Quaderno 10/ Croce-Gramsci relationship: the Quaderno 10


Alina Lascu, Dobrudja in the plans of the Communist Party (1945-1964)


Dan Vătăman, The issues concerning the draft Peace Treaty with Romania in debate of the third session of the Council of Foreign Ministers (New York, 4 November - 11 December 1946)


Maria Bolocan, Marshall Plan from conception to reality


Maria Pia Pagani, The “Metamorphoses” of a poet Ovid’s exile in a play by Mikhail Berman-Tsikinovsky


Mirela Kozlovsky, The Correspondence between Agrarian Rituals of the Tatars and the Dacoromanians in Dobruja


• Ana Rodica Stăiculescu, Ilie Iulian Mitran, Byelorussia: Hybridization and cultural parasitism in the heartland of historic Ruthenia


 Central and Southwestern Asia


Andreea Cristina Pelelungă, Incursion through the Afghan history. What transformed the civil war into an anti-terrorist war


Sibel Jindi-Alexandru, Siria’s evolution before the Independence




Dumitru-Cătălin Rogojanu, Gherghina Boda (coord.), Istorie, Cultură și Cercetare (History, Culture and Research), volumul I, Editura Cetatea de Scaun, Târgovişte, 2016, 394 p. (Enache Tuşa)


Cristian Ioan Popa, Gabriela Tănăsescu (coord.), Enciclopedia Operelor Fundamentale ale Filosofiei Politice (The Encycopedia of Political Philosophy’s Fundamental Works), Editura Institutului de Ştiinţe Politice şi Relaţii Internaţionale „Ion I. C. Brătianu”, Bucureşti, 2016, 695 p. (Enache Tuşa)